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Your website on the world’s leading CMS

As experts in WordPress, we create beautiful and highly functional websites that are tailored to support your business goals and objectives.

Over 10 years crafting powerful sites across a diverse range of industry sectors, we are experienced and well-suited to help companies of any size develop their online presence.

WordPress website design Lincolnshire web services

Tailored to your business, designed to exceed expectations

Tailored to your business, designed to exceed expectations

We approach development with the understanding that all businesses are different and every website has a unique set of requirements, challenges and goals. We’ll deliver your dream website and ensure that it is supported with the digital marketing plan it needs to deliver conversions and smash expectations.

Modern, accessible, and futureproof – we build with expansion in mind. You won’t hear us talking about page limits or feature constraints. Each site comes with intelligent analytic software. With such in depth reports, you can truly monitor your site performance and understand how visitors are engaging.

Frequently asked q’s

1. Will my website work on mobile?

In today’s age with the majority of web traffic being mobile, it is without question that your website must be optimised to work on mobile.

To take that a step further, Google now prioritise your mobile appearance over desktop appearance when analysing the site to determine your Google ranking. In simple terms, if your website does not work great on mobile, you might struggle ranking in Google. Uh-oh!

With all this in mind, every site that we deliver is now mobile ready as standard.

2. Do you work with other website platforms in addition to WordPress?

For website development we work exclusively with the WordPress platform. This is down to both our wealth of experience in the software and the extensive functionality that WordPress offers. Did you know that 43% of all websites on the internet use WordPress? From small sites to some of the largest, take a look at how it ranks against other platforms by market share:

  • WordPress (30+ Million Live Websites)
  • Wix (7+ Million Live Websites)
  • Squarespace (2.7+ Million Live Websites)
  • Joomla (1.4+ Million Live Websites)
  • Shopify (3.7+ Million Live Websites)
  • Progress Sitefinity (3.3+ Million Live Websites)
  • GoDaddy Website Builder (1.7+ Million Live Websites)
  • Weebly (1 Million Live Websites)
  • Drupal (600+ Thousand Live Websites)
  • Blogger (600+ Thousand Live Websites)

If you have your website on a plaform that is not WordPress and would like to engage with us, we can likely convert this for you in a cost-effective manner.

3. What is the process of creating a website?

All our website projects follow a similar path, and its a simple one.

1. Discovery consultation: Usually 1-2 hours of your time via Zoom call, Teams, or face-to-face if necessary. We will ask questions about your business, brand, its objectives, and your ideas for the site. It’s often useful to research competitors for good / bad examples of execution.

2. Project proposal: Using the findings of our discovery consultation we can start to plan out your new website. This includes our own ideas, examples of functionality, expected sitemap and of course a more accurate indication of investment required.

3. Design phase: You’ve given the a-ok on cost, let’s get cracking. We will work on conceptual designs for the site and share these with you for feedback and approval. We will keep at it until we all agree we’ve got the perfect design which captivates the vision you had for your new site.

4. Website development: With the concepts approved, we can bring these visuals to life by working them into a living, breathing website. This is where all the functionality starts to take shape, we’re almost there!

5. Approval & launch: The site is up and running and we are all happy with it. Time to take the necessary steps to publish that website so that the whole internet can access it.

4. What should I expect to pay for a website?

All agencies will give the same response – “there is no fixed cost and it depends on your requirements”. Whilst this is true, we understand it is damn right frustrating and a ball-park figure is better than nothing.

To give an expectation of what level of investment is needed to work with us, our typical website development projects range from £2000 – £8000. of course there is no upper limit and the cost is ultimately dependent on complexity and functionality. We do not engage in lower-value projects simply because the time needed for even the most basic development to the extent and quality that we deliver would not be covered by a small investment, however have website lease options which may be more attractive. Still bespoke to you, but on a no-ownership model, similar to how you would lease a company vehicle.

An initial discovery consultation and subsequent project proposal is offered completely free of charge, so it won’t cost anything other than a small amount of your time to get an accurate quote. If nothing else, that can be used as a benchmark should you wish to engage with multiple agencies. We don’t believe in pushy sales so you won’t be pestered for the next 15 years if you show just a glimmer of interest. You can say hi 👋.

5. Can the cost of the website be spread?

You can choose to pay for your website project in one of three ways.

1. 100% up front: Customers who want the bill settled asap can do just that, simple.

2. 4 equal payments over 4 months: The total project cost is divided up into 4 equal payments. Once the first payment has been made the project will commence, the remaining 3 payments will be taken on the 1st of the 3 subsequent months.

3. Spread the cost over a year: With a 25% upfront deposit the project will commence. The remaining 75% will be split into 11 equal payments billed on the 1st of the 11 subsequent months. There will also be an admin fee of £400 to arrange this which will be added to the total value of the project and documented in your proposal.

6. Websites on lease model, tell me about them?

As the name suggests and very similar to how you would lease a company vehicle, we offer websites on a rental / subscription basis. This model makes for no initial capital expenditure which is very attractive for many business owners, but with a slight additional fee on your monthly bill in addition to any hosting and support services for the lease of the website.

There are some small requirements in order to qualify for this service, such as:

  1.  A minimum commitment term of 6-months
  2. Self-supplied content and media to a professional standard
  3. You accept that the site cannot be moved outside of our hosting platform

7. Are there any ongoing costs to consider with a website?

Yes, any professionally developed website on a powerful CMS like WordPress will need a place to live. We call this website hosting and web hosting does have an associated ongoing fee.

Powerful computers known as web servers hold your website files, giving it a home on the internet. These web servers remain online 24/7 so your site is accessible at all times, all year round.

It takes a dedicated team of specialised technical engineers to maintain these servers to a high-standard, not to mention the consumption of power. Don’t let the power consumption worry you though, it 100% renewable and carbon neutral in our case – that will help with the green credentials.

Hosting aside, we also have a different team dedicated to your website security (updates, patches, backups  etc.). All of the aforementioned is included within each of our website hosting packages,  ranging from £50/pm – £120/pm.

Non-essential ongoing costs such as Google Ads campaigns or blog creation are entirely your discretion. That said, you should consider that any website that is not actively marketed in an effective manner is unlikely to perform or bear any fruit.

8. Will my website rank highly in Google?

A website that is not actively and effectively promoted will unlikely bear any fruit. Compare it to building a luxury hotel complex on a deserted island and offering no means of getting there. There’s nothing wrong with the hotel complex, but if customers don’t know it’s there then how can you expect them to visit?

It is one of the most common misconceptions that businesses expect their new website to perform better in Google. There are a handful of potential advantages to a new website; better page structure than your previous site, better use of meta tags, faster load speeds, and better mobile usability. However, these are just a drop in the ocean compared to the 200+ ranking factors in the Google search algorithm – some proven and some speculation.

How can you drive a steady feed of relevant traffic to your website?

  • Google Ads
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Publication & Mail

We are very focused and committed to transparent communications with our customers so please if you would like to know how each of these marketing services may benefit your business.

9. Do you have a specific list of services that you offer?

In addition to website design and development, we can help with a full suite of design and marketing services. Projects usually run smoothest when they are centrally managed by one creative agency as sometimes brand messages and meaning can get lost when working with multiple vendors. Too many cooks spoil the broth!

With this in mind, please consider that Propel offer far more than websites, and can help you directly with the following:

  • Logo design / brand management
  • Graphic design for print (flyers, brochures, business cards, letterheads, packaging etc.)
  • Graphic design for signage (vehicle livery, exhibition stands, banners etc.)
  • Digital graphic design (email stationery, social profile branding etc.)
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Copywriting / PR
  • Blogging / content marketing
  • Sponsored social media management
  • Organic social media management
  • Google Ads / other PPC

Through our network of partner suppliers, we can offer competitive prices across the UK on:

  • Business card & letterhead print / supply
  • Vehicle livery / stickering
  • Signage production / installation
  • Branded uniform / PPE supply
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • & much more

The close customer relationships we aim to build mean you can think of us as your outsourced marketing department. Should you have a question about something of this nature, please feel you can run it by us. If we cannot help directly we will endeavour to find an appropriate partner who can offer you the highest standard of service.

Are we compatible? Let’s find out

Chemistry is essential for success. Think of us as your outsourced marketing department – it’s essential we share a vision for your business.

We tell compelling stories for customers, but can only do that if we share your passion (and you share ours).

Accomplishments for our customers

  • 3,200% return on paid spend
  • 1,566% increase in online sales within 1 year
  • 80% reduction in Google Ads spend
  • 957x more social interaction
  • 208% increase in organic ranking keywords
web design Lincolnshire from Propel Digital Marketing

1. Clarity & Communication
Clearly communicating goals, objectives, and steps taken to achieve them is at the core of what we do. We’ll go out of our way to ensure you understand the impact of your investment.

2. Proactive & Persistent
Not getting the results you need from your marketing efforts? Good things rarely come to those who wait which is why we go out there and make them happen.

3. Reporting & Results
Real-time reports & no bullsh*t – all backed by live data. We’re almost too transparent, but this way you’ll truly understand how your investment is working for you.

If you have a project in mind, we should talk about it