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We offer a Website hosting service to complement our web site design and implemetation services. This gives our clients one-stop comprehensive web management service - and offers exceptional value for money!

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Propel's website hosting service provides everything needed to get your organisation on the Internet quickly and hassle free. With email for up to twenty people, support for PHP, CGI, Microsoft FrontPage and graphical web site traffic statistics the solution offers the features and flexibility needed as your online presence grows.

100MB Fast & Reliable UNIX Web Space.
100 megabytes of disk space on our Internet servers in which to place your web site files. This is usually more than sufficient to store hundreds of web pages with graphical content. Access your account at any time to upload files and make changes to your pages.

Your account is equipped to run PHP, SHTML and Perl CGI scripts with its own private cgi-bin, enabling the addition of interactivity to your site. A number of easy to use CGI scripts including form-to-email, guest book, bulletin board and counter can be installed at the touch of a button whilst your own or commercial scripts may be uploaded for ultimate flexibility.

FrontPage 2000 Extensions

Microsoft FrontPage 2000 server extensions are installed on your account, enabling you to take advantage of the dynamic features and publication wizard in Microsoft's web page authoring software.

Graphical Web Stats
View usage statistics for your web site, see how many people are visiting your site, where they come from, what search keywords they use to find you and more. You may also download raw log files for analysis using your own software.

Customised Error Pages
Replace the standard, uninformative page not found message of your virtual servers with a customised page of your choice encouraging surfers to stay on your site when an error occurs.

Password Protection
Restrict access to areas of your site, configure as many username and password combinations as you desire.

Other Features

Domain Registration & Transfer

We can register a new domain name of your choice, or you can transfer an existing one to your account. An unlimited number of extra domain names may be added to your account all of which will share the services of your primary domain name, this is ideal when your company name is registered in a number of domain extensions.

2,000 MB Data Transfer Per Month

Renowned Reliability & Performance
Your account is hosted on redundant, clustered servers in our own data centres. Data is protected by mirrored disks, daily tape backup and standby servers whilst uninterrupted connectivity is assured by our resilient network.

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